Download Pixellab Mod Apk v2.1.3 (Premium Unlocked)


PixelLab mod apk is a creative powerhouse that unleashes the full potential of your imagination by offering a modified and enhanced version of the popular PixelLab application. This modified apk provides users with a plethora of advanced features and premium tools, which take their graphic design and text editing experience to new heights. With an array of unlocked functions, users can seamlessly explore a world of limitless possibilities, from customizing images with precision to adding intricate details to textual elements.

pixellab mod apk
App NamePixelLab World Apk
Size173 MB
Requires Android5.0 and up
Updated on2 Days Ago
GooglePlay StorePixelLab – Text on pictures
Offered ByApp Holdings

App Features of PixelLab Mod Apk

Multipe Text Options

Enjoy the flexibility of multiple text options, including an extensive library of fonts, diverse text styles, and customizable formatting. Whether you’re looking to create eye-catching headlines, elegant captions, or intricate textual elements, PixelLab provides a rich array of tools to bring your words to life. Experiment with various fonts, sizes, colors, and effects to achieve the perfect look for your designs, giving you unparalleled control over the textual components of your creative projects.

Images Effects

Elevate your photos with PixelLab’s image effects feature. Choose from a variety of enhancements, such as vignette, stripes, and adjustments to hue and saturation, to give your pictures a captivating and personalized look. Transform your images effortlessly and add a touch of creativity to every snapshot.

Add Beautiful Steakers

Enhance your visual creations with PixelLab’s feature that allows you to easily add beautiful stickers to your designs. Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your graphics by adding a diverse range of stickers, turning ordinary photos into eye-catching works of art. With a simple and intuitive interface, PixelLab makes the process of embellishing your designs with stunning stickers a smooth and enjoyable experience. Add a touch of creativity and flair to your visuals, make them stand out with the inclusion of beautiful stickers.

pixellab mod apk

3D Text With Ease

Creating stunning 3D text is a smooth and easy experience. This modified version expands the application’s capabilities, allowing users to easily create attractive 3D text. Whether you want to add depth to a logo, title, or any text element in your design, PixelLab provides intuitive tools and options to bring your text to life in the third dimension. Elevate your designs with impressive 3D typography, all at your fingertips.

Background Removal

Effortlessly remove backgrounds from images with precision using advanced background removal tools. Achieve clean and professional results in just a few clicks, allowing you to seamlessly integrate subjects into various contexts or create eye-catching compositions. Simplify your design workflow with efficient background removal capabilities.

Perspective Editing

Perspective Editing in PixelLab Mod APK revolutionizes design by allowing users to dynamically adjust the perspective of elements in their creations. With a simple yet powerful toolset, this feature adds depth and realism to images, providing a unique dimension to graphic compositions. Unlock the ability to manipulate perspective effortlessly, bringing your designs to life in ways previously unimaginable.

Use Predefined Presets

Explore creative convenience with PixelLab’s Predefined Presets feature. Effortlessly enhance your designs by choosing from a curated selection of presets tailored for various styles. Streamline your workflow and achieve stunning results with just a click, making graphic design a seamless and efficient process.

Add 3D Text To Images

Elevate your images with PixelLab’s ability to effortlessly add 3D text. Transform ordinary photos into dynamic compositions by integrating captivating three-dimensional text elements. With a simple yet powerful feature, give your visuals a striking depth and dimensionality in just a few clicks.

pixellab mod apk

Add Depth To Text Using Emboss

Enhance your text with depth and dimension using the emboss feature. Create a striking visual impact by adding a raised, three-dimensional effect to your textual elements. Elevate your designs with this simple yet powerful tool in just a few clicks.

Add Definition To Text Using Textures

Elevate your text designs by seamlessly incorporating textures with the ability to add definition and depth. The feature allows you to enhance textual elements with diverse textures, adding a unique and visually striking dimension to your creations. Explore a new level of creativity as you bring your text to life through the dynamic integration of textures.

Make Text Stand Out Using Text On Curve

Elevate your designs with Text on Curve, a feature that effortlessly adds flair to your text elements. With a simple yet powerful curve tool, make your text stand out in a dynamic and visually appealing way. Enhance creativity and captivate attention by curving text with precision in just a few clicks.

Add Your Own Touch By Drawing On Top of Images

Elevate your images by adding a personal touch with the ability to draw directly on top of them. Unleash your creativity by seamlessly integrating hand-drawn elements, bringing a unique and customized flair to your photos. With this feature, transform ordinary images into personalized masterpieces effortlessly.

Mask a Part of Your Text

Mask a specific part of your text with ease using PixelLab’s innovative feature. Highlight and conceal portions of your text to create intriguing and visually striking designs. Elevate your graphic compositions by adding an extra layer of creativity with precise text masking capabilities.

pixellab mod apk

Save Final Image When You’r Done

Save your completed masterpiece effortlessly with PixelLab mod apk. Once your design is perfected, simply hit the save button to preserve your creativity. Enjoy the convenience of storing and sharing your final images hassle-free.

Export your Image

Effortlessly export your images with PixelLab, allowing customization of formats and resolutions. Utilize Quick Share buttons for instant sharing on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, streamlining your sharing experience with a single click. Enjoy the flexibility to save or share your creations in any preferred format or resolution.

Create memes

Create memes effortlessly with this preset templates, ensuring quick and amusing content production. In just a matter of seconds, transform your ideas into shareable memes, thanks to the user-friendly interface and pre-designed layouts. Enjoy a streamlined meme-making experience that lets you focus on humor without the hassle.

What’s New

Fixed permission issue.

No Ads

Experience uninterrupted creativity with PixelLab Mod APK as it offers a seamless, ad-free environment. Bid farewell to distractions and immerse yourself in designing without any pesky ads hindering your artistic flow. Enjoy the full spectrum of graphic design possibilities without interruptions.

How To Download PixelLab Mod Apk?

  1. Check Official Sources
  2. Search for Canva Mod Apk
  3. Download from “apkshock”
  4. Enable Unknown Sources (Android)
  5. Install the APK
  6. Launch the App
  7. Log In or Sign Up
  8. Explore the Features

Asked Some Questions About PixelLab Mod Apk

Can we use the PixelLab Mod Apk in offline mode?

Yes, PixelLab mod apk allows users to enjoy its features in offline mode, providing flexibility and convenience for designing without the need for an active internet connection.

Does PixelLab have a version available for PC?

Yes, PixelLab primarily operates as a mobile application available for Android and iOS. However, users can utilize Android emulators, such as BlueStacks, to run PixelLab on a PC and access its features seamlessly.

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In conclusion, PixelLab Mod APK emerges as a dynamic and enhanced platform for graphic design enthusiasts, offering a wealth of unlocked features and premium tools. With its user-friendly interface, extended font collection, and advanced export options, PixelLab empowers users to unleash their creativity without interruptions, providing a seamless and enriched designing experience. Dive into a world of limitless possibilities and elevate your graphic design endeavors with PixelLab.

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