Download Face App Mod Apk v11.8.3 (No Watermark)


Face App Mod Apk, a modified version of the popular FaceApp app, comes with a host of enhanced features that redefine the realm of facial transformation and photo editing. This modified app offers users a variety of advanced tools and filters, allowing them to explore creative possibilities beyond the conventional scope of the original FaceApp. With a variety of features unlocked, users can seamlessly delve into an augmented reality world, experimenting with age transformations, gender swaps, and a host of other captivating effects.

App Name
Size50 MB
Requires Android8.0 and up
Updated on2 Days Ago
GooglePlay StoreFaceApp: Perfect Face Editor
Offered byFaceApp Technology Ltd

Features of Face App Mod Apk

Enhance your self-portraits using the captivating Impression filters!

Elevate your self-portraits to new heights with the captivating print filters available in FaceApp! Unleash a world of artistic expression as these filters add a touch of appeal and uniqueness to your photos. Whether you’re looking for a subtle glow or a bold transformation, Print filters let you perfect your selfies with style and creativity.

Incorporate a beard or mustache

With FaceApp, perfectly incorporating a beard or mustache into your photos has never been easier. This modified version of the popular FaceApp allows users to explore a wide range of facial transformations, including adding stylish beards or trendy mustaches.

Switch up your hair color and hairstyle effortlessly.

Transform your look effortlessly by changing your hair color and hairstyle with FaceApp. Unleash your creativity and experiment with a variety of hairstyles to discover a whole new dimension of personal style.

Enhance the volume of your hair effortlessly

Within the scope of FaceApp mod apk, effortlessly amplify the volume of your hair. This modified app unlocks advanced features that allow you to enhance and transform your hairstyle with ease. Say goodbye to flat or dull locks as you explore the creative possibilities of voluminous, sleek hairstyles. Elevate your look and experiment with various hair enhancements to achieve the perfect, dynamic hairstyle that suits your individual style and personality.

Experiment with the latest and chic makeup filters for a trendy and stylish look

Unlock a world of modern and stylish transformations with FaceApp as you delve into the latest stylish makeup filters. This modified version of the app allows you to effortlessly experiment with cutting-edge makeup effects, allowing you to achieve a stylish and fashionable look. Whether you like bold and vibrant or subtle and elegant makeup looks, FaceApp provides a perfect experience to explore and enhance your aesthetic.

Employ imaginative light effects

Light up your creativity with FaceApp while taking advantage of a spectrum of imaginative light effects. This modified app features a range of creative lighting options, allowing you to transform and enhance your photographs with unique luminosity. From ethereal glows to dramatic reflections, FaceApp Mod Apk provides a platform for artistic expression through captivating light effects.

Eliminate acne and blemishes

This modified version of the app provides you with powerful tools to erase blemishes and achieve a flawless complexion. Seamlessly enhance your photos by removing unwanted acne or blemishes, allowing you to show your best self with confidence.

Effortlessly diminish wrinkles for a smoother complexion

Experience the transformative power of FaceApp mod apk as it effortlessly reduces wrinkles and leaves you with a smoother, more rejuvenated complexion. This modified version of the app offers advanced tools to address and diminish wrinkles, allowing you to show a more youthful and vibrant appearance in your photos.

Effortlessly magnify or reduce facial features with ease

FaceApp redefines facial transformation possibilities by providing a seamless experience to effortlessly magnify or minimize specific facial features with ease. This modified version of the app features advanced tools that allow you to customize and experiment with your facial attributes, giving you creative control over your appearance. Whether you want to emphasize certain features or achieve a subtle fit,

Experiment with the color lens for a new visual perspective

Discover a new visual perspective as you delve deeper into FaceApp and experiment with the innovative colored lenses feature. This modified version of the app features a captivating tool that allows you to explore a spectrum of tones, giving your photos a vibrant and unique touch.

Utilize the convenient Compare tool at each stage to easily compare the before-and-after transformations

Make the most of the handy Compare tool at each stage to effortlessly juxtapose before and after transformations. In FaceApp mod apk, this feature provides a convenient way to measure the impact of your edits and note the notable changes you have made, ensuring a satisfying and smooth editing experience.

Key Features

  1. Premium Unlocked
  2. No Water Mark
  3. User Friendly Interface
  4. Awesom Graphics
  5. Share you edit pic with our social media friends

Ads Free

In the modified version of FaceApp, often referred to as FaceApp Mod Apk, one of the notable features is the absence of advertisements. Unlike the original version, which may include advertisements that can interrupt the user experience, the modded version aims to provide users with an ad-free environment.

New Features

  • Impression
  • Old
  • Young
  • Color Effects
  • Makeup
  • Smile
  • Change Background

How To Download Face App Mod Apk?

  1. Enable Unknown Sources
  2. Find a Trusted Source like “
  3. Download the Apk File
  4. Install the Apk
  5. Allow Permissions
  6. Install the App
  7. Open the App
  8. Enjoy the Features

Asked Some Questions About Face App Mod Apk

How does FaceApp achieve realistic age transformations in photos?

The app’s sophisticated neural networks are trained on vast datasets, allowing it to generate convincing age transformations with remarkable accuracy.

How does FaceApp handle and store user-uploaded photos and data?

Facebook says user-uploaded photos are processed in the cloud, and to my last knowledge, the company claims to delete most photos within 48 hours, emphasizing its commitment to user privacy. Is.

Is FaceApp Mod Apk available for both Android and iOS devices?

Yes! You can download faceapp mod apk for android both and IOS devices.


In conclusion, while Face App Mod Apk may offer users the allure of additional features and improved functionalities compared to the original app, it is crucial to approach such modified versions with caution. Using unofficial and modified apps raises concerns about privacy, security, and potential legal implications. Users should be aware of the risks associated with downloading and using modified applications as they may expose themselves to various vulnerabilities.

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